As the largest SV Bus Bar Terminal manufacturer in china, LINKWELL sales quality SV Bus Bar Terminal to customers all over the world.
Material: Steel/metal
Which is widely applied in power distribution, automation industry, building control technology, communication and traffic.

Minimum H(mm) Minimum H(mm) Model No.
17 23 SV201/206
22 29 SV202/207
26 39 SV203/208
39 57 SV204/209
44 66 SV205/210

Thickness of bus Round lead wiring* Piled copper bus terminal space Torque Per Package Model No.
4-5mm 1-4mm2 - 2Nm 50pcs SV201
4-5mm 2.5-16mm2 8×8mm 3Nm 50pcs SV202
4-5mm 16-50mm2 10.5×11mm 6-8Nm 50pcs SV203
4-5mm 35-70mm2 16.5×15mm 10-12Nm 50pcs SV204
9-10mm 70-185mm2 22.5×20mm 12-15Nm 50pcs SV205
9-10mm 1-4mm2 - 2Nm 50pcs SV206
9-10mm 2.5-16mm2 8×8mm 3Nm 50pcs SV207
9-10mm 16-50mm2 10.5×11mm 6-8Nm 50pcs SV208
9-10mm 35-70mm2 16.5×15mm 10-12Nm 50pcs SV209
9-10mm 70-185mm2 22.5×20mm 12-15Nm 50pcs SV210

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