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with the wiring technique of wire section material and bus-bar without pinholes adopted, the bending-proof intensity and short-circuit-proof capacity of the bus-bar are improved, and it also helps to cool the bus-bar, lower the temperature and increase current capacity.

The Linkwell busbar system has been used to develop various switches. The system is also widely used to devop various switches. The system is also widely used in low-voltage electricity supply and distribution devices and industrial and building electric appliances.

Glass fiber strenghthened, themoplastic polyester(PBT), continuous working temperature maximum 140ºC
Firepoofing function based on UL94V-0

Short-circuit-proof intensity graph

Testing base: VDE 0660/IEC 439
Testing process: according to dynamic short circuit intensity of IEC 439

Rated working voltage up to 1000 volt, 50/60 HZ. According to VDE 0660
Rated current upto Number of poles Centre distance of bus bar suitable for bar size Tightening turning moment Per package Model
Fixed screw fixed the cover
800 1 - 30×10mm 5-8Nm 1-3Nm 2 SV1
800 2 60mm 30×10mm,30×5mm,25×10mm,25×5mm, 20×10mm,20×5mm,20×10mm,15×10mm, 15×5mm, 12×10mm,12×5mm 3-5Nm 1-3Nm 2 SV2
800 3 60mm 30×10mm, 30×5mm, 25*10mm,25*5mm, 3-5Nm 1-3Nm 2 SV3
20×10mm,20×5mm, 15×10mm, 15×5mm
800 4 60mm 30×20mm,30×5mm,25×10mm,25×5mm, 20×10mm, 20×5mm, 15×10mm,15×5mm 3-5Nm 1-3Nm 2 SV4
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