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LED light Used for Switchgear Instrument Cabinet


LKL10-W Series LED light is designed for instrument cabinet illumination of various switchgear.

Features and advantage
◆ Economize on energy, In the case of illuminate effect same alike the traditional light, economizing on energy is 75% above
◆ Life span is long , the LED light source, someone call it the longevity light, meaning to extinguish never. It's the solid cold light source, adopt a special electric circut design, the life span can reach to for 100,000 hours, comparing traditional light source life span to grow 1000% above.
◆ The environmental protection performance is better, without ultraviolet ray and infrared rays in the spectrum , without calories and radiate, the dizzy light is small, and the castoff can recover, without pollution and do not contain the mercury chemical Element. The cold light source, can be touched, belong to typical model of the green illuminate light source.
◆ Special circuit design, if anyone LED is bad, it isn't without influence to normal lumination of otherS LED.
◆ Special structure design, light body position can be adjusted, that solves the problem of less lumination angle of LED.
◆ The power supply adapt to AC/DC 110-230V, suitable in application case of switchgear especially.
◆ With two mounting methods of clamp and fixation.

Assemble by clamp or bolt fixation.Assemble bracket first, then connect the power cable into light body terminal, insert the terminal side of light body into assemble hole of bracket, another side insert into the another side of bracket with screwdriver.
The angle between the support and the light body can be adjust according to the lumination need.

Enclosure material PC-ABS(halogen-free)
Protection category IP20
Power supply AC(50/60Hz)/DC 110V-230V
Wire connection 1×4mm2 or 2×1.5mm2
Insulating strength AC2500V,1Min
Iuminescence component LED
Ambient temperature -25℃-50℃
Relative humidity 25%-95%
Life span More than 100,000hours

Color of light source White Black
Power 1.2W 3W
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