Before shipping , LINKWELL’sDehumidifier are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.
Dehumidifer used for switchgear
LKHP 20 Series

LKHP 20 series dehumidifer is designed specifically for the needs of the various cabinet anti-condensation, use thermoelectric semiconductor with high efficiency dehumidifier, can effectively prevent equipment insulation level decline due to condensation and attached filth on equipment insulating surface, avoid creepage and flashover accidents caused by condensation.

1. Compact, suitable for switchgear, small impact on the structure and layout of the cabinet
2. High Humidity gas entering the dehumidifier will dew after contacted with thermoelectric semiconductor, and condensation will be discharge cabinet, it is high efficient demhumidifier
3. With Strong ability of dehumidification, 30w power consumption to ensure 1m³ switchgear internal humidity is maintained at 60% RH
4. Non-heat sources, can protect switch cabinet equipment. Dehumidification equipment in more traditional switchgear is heater, although certain dehumidifying effect, but the long-term use will due to high temperature condition, condensation will happen.
5. Automatic control based on temperature and humidity, can effectiverly reduce energy consumption
6. Dehumidication function failure alarm contact output
7. Semi-permanent lossless parts as the main components, long life, long-term use without maintainance

Installation Instruction
1. Please ensure the dehumidifier and the horizontal plane is vertical, not titled installation.
2. 10 cm space around the dehumidifier and other devices; guarantee that the blower outlet flow, shall not be covered.
3. Drainage tube
Install Drainage tube : drainage tube inserted into this connector and put on the blue clamp to complete the installation.
Dismounting Drainage tube: Remove the blue clamp, draw out the drainage tube after press the white tube tongue to bottom.
External diameter of drainage pipe is 6.5mm

Note: Drainage tube should be kept straight, winding, and other end leads to the outer cabinet

Model Dehumidication 30 ºC 80% RH Suitable for cubage humidity temperature power supply power Dimension
LKHP20-A1 10ml/hr 1 m³ ≥55%RH Dehumidify ≤45% RH
stop dehumidity
suction air ≥50 ºC or ≤5ºC stop dehumidigy AC/DC 110-220V ±10% ≤30w 200*134*70.5
LKHP20-B1 DC48V ±10%
LKHP20-C1 DC24V ±10%
LKHP20-A2 20ml/hr 2 m³ AC/DC 110-220V ±10% ≤60W
LKHP20-B2 DC48V ±10%
LKHP20-C2 DC24V ±10%
Note: if without control based on humidity and temperature, model is add"-NC", e.g. LKHP20-A1-NC

Terminal and Interface
Terminal 1、2 Power supply 1: 1( + ); 2: N(-)
3、4 Alarm output contact, Passive contact, AC250 5A.
NO, close while function of dehumidifier is out of order.
Function out of order defined: Temperature sensor or humidity sensor fault;
Duration of Dehumidifier work is over 24 hours, RH≥80% RH.
Indicator Power indicator. On front panel of dehumidifier, lights up if power supply normal, Green
Display Display windows display real-time humidity.
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