Before shipping , LINKWELL’sLK4315 Lamp for cabinet are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.
LK4315 Lamp for cabinet

Type Type
LK-4138.10-1 LK-4138.18-1
L mm 425 685
W mm 50 50
H mm 117 117
Pw 10w 18w

LK4315.200-1 LK4315.100-1

Lamp for cable

Door-control Switch
Type 4315.500-1
Cable Length(mm) 500
Colour White

Connection Cable
Type LK4315.200-1 LK4315.600-1 LK4315.4000-1
Cable Length(mm) 1000 600 4000
Colour orange orange orange

Power Cable
Type LK4315.100-3 LK4315.100-2 LK4315.100-1
Cable Length(mm) 3000 2000 1000
Colour orange orange orange
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