Quality LK08 Series Inspection Window for Enclosures suppliers & exporter - all products made in China.
LK08 series Inspection Window for Enclosures
It is applicable for special waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-proof locations
Executive standards: IEC60529 IP67
EN 60309

Model No. Specification
LK08-02 2 ways, with base
LK08-02NBS 2 ways, without base
LK080200 Foothold frame for 2 ways

Model No. Specification
LK08-04 4 ways, with base
LK08-04NBS 4 ways, without base
LK080400 Foothold frame for 4 ways

Model No. Specification
LK08-06 6 ways, with base
LK08-06NBS 6 ways, without base
LK080600 Foothold frame for 6 ways

Model No. Specification
LK08-08 8 ways, with base
LK08-08NBS 8 ways, without base
LK080800 Foothold frame for 8 ways

Model No. Specification
LK08-12 12 ways, with base
LK08-12NBS 12 ways, without base
LK081200 Foothold frame for 12 ways

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