Before shipping , LINKWELL’sLK025 Lighting are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.
Lamp LK025-LED Magnetic Fixing

• Wide voltage range
• Integrated power unit
• Long-lived, maintenance-free
• Energy-saving by LED technology
• Daisy chain
• Magnet or screw fixing
• Quick connection

The lamp series LK 025 is siutable for all types of panels and enclosures, especially where space is at a premium. The lamps have a very long service life thanks to the use of LED technology. They are available with powerful non-slip rubberized magnets allowing them to be quickly positioned in any steel enclosure. Alternatively they can be fixed mechanically. The power output allows up to 10 lamps to be connected to each other(daisy chain). Both the power input and output connectors snap lock into their sockets. With the integrated power unit and the plugs the lump can quickly be connected.

Technical Details
Power consumption max.5W
Luminosity 290Lm at 120℃(870Lm at 360℃ or equivalent 75W light bulb
Lamp type LED, angle of radiation 120º
Light color:daylight, color temperature:6,500K
Service life 60,000h at 20℃(68℉)
Connection 2-pole connector with snap lock
Mounting magnet fixing or screw fixing(M5), torque 2Nm max.,
250mm centers
Casing plastic, transparent
Dimensions 351×34×32mm(with magnet fixing)

351×36×32mm(with screw fixing)
Operating/Storage temperature -30 to +60℃(-22 to +140℉)/-40 to +85℃(-40 to +185℉)
Operating/Storage humidity max.90% RH(non-condensing)
Protectiontype/Protection class IP20/Ⅱ(double insulated)

Art.No.magnet fixing Art.No.Screw fixing Operating voltage Switch Weight(approx)
02540.0-00 02540.0-01 100-240VAC,50/60Hz(min.90VAC,max.265VAC) on/off light switch 0.2kg
02540.1-00 02540.1-01 24-48VDC(min.20VDC,max.60VDC) on/off light switch 0.2kg
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