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JWT6011 Enclosure Internal Thermostat

1. High quality
2. Good function
3. High switching capacity
4. Passed the CE test
5. Great design

* Bi-metal controller as a temperature sensitive element with thermal feedback.
* Contact Point scheme: single-pole switchover contact as instant switch component;
* Permissible contact load:
Cat. 5-3 (heating) AC10 (4*)A, DC=30W Cat. 5-4 (cooling) AC 5(4*)A, DC=30W
(*)=Inductive load at cost phi=0.6
Set range: 0℃ to + 60℃
* Weight: 105g appr Size: 71×71×33.5mm Switch difference:1K±0.8K;
* Voltage scope is wide, any type could be used from 24V two 230V
* Time-saving connection,terminal block counld be installed screw from outside
* Easy installation, could be installed to 35mm din rail vertically or horizontally, according to EN50 022,it could be clipped to NS/35-ES cabinet profile with its accessory adapter;

Application especially suitable for controlling fan-and-filter units, heaters and heat exchangers, this thermostat can also be used as a signal generator for Monitoring the enclosure internal temperature.

Sensing Element Bimetallic
Shock configuration Conversion of electric shock as a transcient unipolar swtiching elements
Permissible contact load Cat. 5-3 (heating) AC10 (4*)A, DC=30W Cat. 5-4 (cooling) AC 5(4*)A, DC=30W
(*)=Inductive load at cost phi=0.6
Temperature adustment range 0ºC to 60 ºC
Rated Voltage 230/115/60/48/24V (AC)60/48/24V(DC)
Weigt 105g
Size 71×71×33.5mm
Switching difference 1k±0.8k
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