LINKWELLtakes clients as the god trying best to satisfy all kinds of their requirements to manufacture theHV031/HVL031 Fan Heater
HV/HVL031 Heater

• Compact /Flat design
• Temperature safety cut-out
• High air through-flow
• Clip fixing

Compact high-performance fan heater prevents formation of condensation and frost and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic components.
This fan heater is available without fan (HV 031) and with fan (HVL 031).

HV 031 Heater without fan(fan mounting kie included)
HVL 031 Heater with fan
Heating element high performance cartridge
Temperature safety cut-out to protect against overheating in case of fan failure
Heater body die-cast aluminium (glass bead blasted)
Connection 3-pole screw connector 2.5mm2, clamping toeque 0.8Nm max
Connection casing plastic according to UL94V-0,black
Mounting clip for 35mm DIN rail,EN50022
Fitting position horizontal
Operating/Storage temperature -45 to +75ºC(-49 to +158ºF)
Protection type/Protection class IP20/1(earthed)
Service life service life 50,000h at 25ºC(77℉)
Connection(axial fan) 2-pole screw connector2.5mm2(L2/N2)

Art No. HV031 Art no. HVL031 Heating capacity Dimensions Weight9
230VAC, 50/60HZ 120VAC, 50/60HZ

03100.0-00 03100.9-00 100W 80*112*22mm 400g
03101.0-00 03101.9-00 150W 80*112*22mm 400g
03110.0-00 03110.9-00 200W 119*151*22mm 500g
03111.0-00 03111.9-00 300W 119*151*22mm 500g
03112.0-00 03112.9-00 400W 119*151*22mm 500g

Art No. HVL031 Art No. HVL031 Heating capacity Airflow min Dimension Weight(approx)
230VAC,50/60HZ 120VAC,50/60HZ

03102.0-00 03102.9-00 100W 35m3/h 80*112*47mm 600g
03103.0-00 03103.9-00 150W 35m3/h 80*112*47mm 600g
03113.0-00 03113.9-00 200W 108m3/h 119*151*47mm 900g
03114.0-00 03114.9-00 300W 108m3/h 119*151*47mm 900g
03115.0-00 03115.9-00 400W 108m3/h 119*151*47mm 900g
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